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Spinera Towable Rope, 10 Person


Spinera Towable Rope, 10 Person

The Spinera Towable rope is intended for towables of 1 to 10 people. The rope is the strongest type in its range. With this rope you enjoy with your entire family or group of friends!

Note: the color of the rope can change and is not always the same as the photo

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Spinera 10-person rope for Funtube

The Spinera Bungee Towable Rope is a ten-person rope that is suitable for fun tubes. The rope is very sturdy and is suitable for pulling up to 2767 kilos. In addition, the rope also floats, very handy!

Specifications: Capacity: 10 person Maximum load: 2767 kg Length: 18 m Floating: yes

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